Community Policies

Assessments are due January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

Payments can also be made by credit/debit card at this web site

Assessment Collections Policy
30 days after due date Late fee assessed $ 20.00 Charged to account
45 days after due date Final notice sent $ 55.00 Charged to account
60 days after due date Intent to lien notification sent $ 55.00 Charged to account
75 days after due date Lien recorded $ 265.00 Charged to account
90 days after due date Intent to start legal action notice sent $ 65.00 Charged to account
130 days after due date Legal Action

If you have special circumstances affecting your ability to pay your assessments, please contact RCP Community Management to make arrangements. Their goal is to help you meet your financial obligations to the community. They can help you avoid costly collections costs by working with them.